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    china machine tool industry enters new development cycle -完美体育平台app下载

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        china machine tool industry association recently announced in shanghai, in 2017, china's metal processing machine tool market sales amounted to 29.9 billion u.s. dollars, compared to the previous year, an increase of 7.5%.

        mao, executive vice president of china machine tool industry association, machine tool is one of the core industries of equipment manufacturing industry, and it plays an important role in the global manufacturing resource allocation. in 2017, china's machine tool sales showed a significant recovery growth, indicating that in the structural upgrading, china's machine tool industry is entering a new development cycle of moderate growth, for domestic and foreign machine tool manufacturing enterprises to create new opportunities for development.

        according to china machine tool industry association statistics, in 2017, china's metal processing machine tool exports 3.29 billion u.s. dollars, imports 8.74 billion u.s. dollars, the year-on-year growth of 11.4% and 16.3%, the trade deficit of 5.45 billion u.s. dollars, a significant increase of 33.5%. this shows that china's related manufacturing industry with the pace of upgrading, the foreign advanced machine tool demand for strong growth.

        in the tool field, in 2017, china's market sales amounted to 4.82 billion u.s. dollars, up 20.2% from the previous year. from the import and export situation, china's tool and measuring tools exports 2.79 billion u.s. dollars, imports 1.81 billion u.s. dollars, the year-on-year growth of 8.1% and 21.5% respectively, rose by 8.9 and 22.1% respectively in 2016, the characteristics of recovery growth is more obvious, especially in the high-end measuring tool imports of large growth most prominent.

        china machine tool industry association secretary-general wang liming that, with the global information interconnection led by the new round of industrial revolution, manufacturing is experiencing from automation and digital manufacturing to synergy and intelligent manufacturing evolution, the global machine tool industry faces a full range of profound changes. today, the machine tool industry is focusing on digitalization, automation, and connectivity, information data and other key directions to carry out research, promote and realize intelligent manufacturing.

        from april 9 to 13th this year, china machine tool industry association will host china in shanghai exhibition. the exhibition has a total area of 120,000 square meters, up to now, there are more than 1200 machine tool industry manufacturers from 23 countries and regions registered for exhibitors, of which more than 500 overseas exhibitors, exhibition area of the total area of 40%, than the previous increase of nearly 5%, the foreign enterprises ' attention to the chinese market and the participation degree are further improved.