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    companies are bullish on china machine tool market prospects -完美体育平台app下载

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      all along, foreign machine tool in china is one of the important components of machine tool industry in china. according to the national bureau of statistics, china's machine tool industry more than 4,000 enterprises, hong kong, macao and foreign holding enterprises in the proportion of more than 10%. one of the main factories in china has a direct operation of germany's dmg, sly fulin, japan's mitsubishi motors, sodick, the united states hardinge, haas, sweden, the mountains of victoria, mountain high, south korea's doosan and other enterprises. these enterprises in the domestic access to labor, the market has also brought a large number of funds and technical support for the development of domestic machine tool market has made a great contribution.


        although the past few years have been affected by the global economic downturn, china's machine tool market has suffered a lot of problems such as sluggish market and slow development. but in 2017 a year, china's machine tool market overall is warmed up, the total demand decline to slow down, stabilize, there is a trend to enter the bottom, and rapid upgrading of demand structure, numerical control, automation, intelligence and high-precision processing and manufacturing technology quickly occupy the leading position of consumption. in this case, foreign companies have expressed a bullish outlook for china's machine tool market, and strengthened the localization of the layout.

    at the beginning of this year, germany's high-end manufacturing enterprises esville machine tool co., ltd. to actively layout the chinese market. after seeing the rapid development and important location advantage of chongqing yongchuan area in recent years, esville machine tool invested in the construction machine tool production base project in yongchuan, hoping to further widen the road of enterprise development. esville's strategic layout in china illustrates its emphasis on the chinese market and its bullish outlook on china's future market.

      it is not only the case that giant companies are actively stationed in the chinese market, but not long ago, the german emag group also announced the establishment of chongqing machinery co., ltd., which is the second market and technology service company of emag group in china.

    "china is the biggest and most potential market," dr. schmidt, of dmg machine tool company, said in an interview, "to truly explore the asian market, we must choose the most important market in china." "to this end, dmg adjust the strategic focus of the asia-pacific region, the asia-pacific headquarters from the original singapore relocated to shanghai, china."

    in the past 2017 years, the overall business situation of foreign companies in china is better. according to the data, 2017 in china, most of the foreign companies are harvested quite abundant, many enterprises to achieve 30-50% growth. among them, siemens performance in 2017 overall growth of 40%, high-end product business soared 60%, mitsubishi motors and the company's 2017 business in china grew 30% and 40% respectively. in machine tool mainframe enterprise, dmg mori and mazak both achieved a good growth in 2017, the former even reached the peak in recent years, the growth of 30%;abb's business in china soared more than 30%, january 2018 orders have reached 2017 1-2 quarter level. from the profit of foreign companies, china's machine tool market is now in the recovery of growth stage, the follow-up development should be more clear.

     overall, machine tool foreign enterprises in the future development of china's machine tool market optimism, on the one hand, from the chinese market itself has great potential and attractiveness, on the other hand, in high-end manufacturing technology accounted for consumer dominance, the domestic machine tool companies lack of obvious competitiveness, so that foreign companies to get more opportunities. therefore, in the promotion of technological upgrading, speed up structural adjustment, enhance competitiveness of domestic enterprises also need to work hard.