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    machine tool foreign companies are bullish on "on" on "s machine -完美体育平台app下载

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        company specializing in the production of "well have to do" brand series of metal band sawing machine and series of surface grinder, machine tools complete, novel and unique, efficient and energy-saving, with a greater cost-performance advantage, is the national quality and technical supervision over the years to stabilize qualified products. one of the high-speed thin metal band sawing machine by the national science and technology innovation fund project support, cnc tilting vertical band sawing machine by the national invention patent, multi-functional surface grinder by the province of high-tech products identified.

    • 2009 "pneumatic automatic horizontal band sawing machine" by the provincial science and technology department of major science and technology project development.

    • 2011 gbr graphite circular sawing machine was awarded the provincial-level industrial new product project development.

    • another 1 inventions were accepted in 2011. to date, the company has 1 patents for inventions, 1 patents to accept, 12 new practical patent licensing, 2 of the appearance of patent licensing.